Scottish Hebridean Photographic Trail

Scottish Hebridean Photographic Trail


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Hebridean Isles of Uist and Lewis. Two incredible workshops in one

A truly unique Scottish Hebridean experience




Cliffs-of-Dalmor-5797Considered the Scottish ‘jewels of the crown’, we will spend eleven days visiting the Isles of Uist and Lewis, the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

Breathtaking mountains and glens, stunning lochs, sea stacks, rock pools, cliffs, white sand bays, the list is endless. The low-light days of March are perfect conditions for dramatic landscape photography adding limitless drama and beauty to the picturescape.

Wild, rugged, weathered, geologically abused yet tranquil; this ten night photographic adventure really is a once in a lifetime experience.

The Location: Hebridean Isles

Isle of Uist

Griminish-bay-Isle-of-Uist-ScotlandHere we concentrate on part of the Hebridean chain that includes the isles of Berneray, north Uist, Benbecula and south Uist.

All these islands are connected by causeways. Boggy moors and craggy hills rule the east side of these islands. In fact, it’s hard to tell whether the moorland is sprinkled with lochs or the sea is dotted with islands and, on a sunny day, the landscape truly sparkles. In contrast, the west side of the isles is dominated by sandy coastlines and machair (the fertile coastal grassland bordering the sand dunes).

North and south Uist both have nature reserves and are full of ancient monuments, many dating back thousands of years. Picturesque traditional black houses are also found dotted amongst the landscape of these islands.

This part of the Hebrides has a beauty and charm of its own and can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time. The mood and atmosphere the weather systems create are out of this world. The sand dunes never look the same as the wind alters their patterns constantly and the photogenic landscape can change in an instant.

Isle of Lewis

Sea-stacks-of-Camas-na-h-Airde-Isle-of-Lewis-ScotlandThe Isle of Lewis is at the North West corner of the Hebrides, or Western Isles. The name of  MacLeod is seen regularly in the phone books and on the name boards of shops and the ending of “bost” on the place names, giving witness to the Viking past of the Isles.

Alongside the great sites of historic interest like the Callanish Standing Stones and the Carloway broch, we will also visit some of our favourite places on the Isle of Lewis – those hidden treasures that you only know about if you live in a place or visit frequently. We will take the time to explore these hidden parts, giving you a unique insight of what is photographically so special about the Isle of Lewis.

Spending most of our time on the north/west part of the island, time permitted, we will also drive north/east to Traigh Ghearadha beach to capture the rock pools and sea stacks during sunrise.


Group Size


Limited to five people per tutor, this workshop is designed with tuition and inspiration in mind, allowing plenty of time for individual attention by the tutors.

Experience Level

▁ ▂ ▃ ▅

Photographers of all experience levels are welcome. This workshop will provide many opportunities to learn about composition, focusing, exposure and long exposure techniques, as well as how to get the very best out of your equipment. For the more experienced participants, there will be guidance on visualisation and inspiration. We guarantee you will leave this workshop with new skills and techniques, great memories and many stunning images.

Equipment requirements


  • Camera and lenses: please make sure you know how to use your camera or at least the basic functions – make sure you bring the camera's manual along with you. Focal length of wide angle to 200mm will be more than adequate.
  • Tripod: a sturdy tripod is strongly recommended.
  • ND Grad filters: Neutral Density Graduated filters are highly recommended for balancing exposure difference between land and sky. We recommend a 2 stop hard and a 3 stop soft (enough to get you started). Full instruction can be given during the workshop to help you with the correct use of filters.
  • ND filter (optional): to get the very best out of your images and the locations, we suggest that you bring a good Neutral Density filter with you such as the Lee Little Stopper or Big Stopper or the Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter for long exposures.
  • Shutter release cable: for longer than 30 seconds exposures
  • Warm and weatherproof clothing and neoprene wellies is a must as the weather can be very unpredictable. ☀ ☁ ❄

We also encourage you to bring some digital files of your previous work as there will be opportunities to discuss your portfolio and supply you with beneficial feedback.

Transportation ✈

Collection and return from Glasgow Airport or Railway Station can be arranged. We can also pick you up en-route to the Isles if preferred. Please contact us with your requirements to make arrangements.


The workshop starts on 5 April 2016 and ends on 13 March 2016. Precise times to be announced.

Pricing £ $ €

The cost for this workshop is £1,950 or €2,490 or $3,170. A deposit of £100 is required, the outstanding balance will be requested three months before the workshop date.


Although all 'Inspiring Photography Workshops' clients are covered by our public liability insurance, we recommend that you take your own travel insurance also.

*Exchange rates are approximate and may vary at the time of payment.


Your Tutors

Dimitri-VasileiouDimitri Vasileiou is a highly acclaimed landscape photographer, writer and photographic workshop leader. A professional photographer for several years, he was born in Greece and currently resides in Scotland.

Some of his work has been reproduced in the Daily Record newspaper and he has also had work published in a number of photography magazines and books.

In 2011 Dimitri founded Landscape Photography Magazine. He is the editor and currently writing articles every month for the publication.

Mike-BellMike Bell is a semi pro and highly enthusiastic landscape photographer based in Perthshire, Scotland. He is also a full time contributor and author of many articles for Landscape Photography Magazine. Mike's photographs have been reproduced and published by Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust, Visit Scotland, Forestry Commission Scotland and local tourist associations.

These days Mike Bell spends a large amount of his time travelling and photographing stunning locations around the world. Mike has a great knowledge and experience on teaching novice photographers and he will be a valuable asset to this adventure.



Isle of Lewis - Doune Braes Hotel

Doune-Braes-HotelThe Doune Braes Hotel offers a personal welcome from your host, Eileen MacDonald, and her staff.

The Hotel offers comfortable accommodation, fine food and spectacular surroundings. It is situated in the township of Carloway on the west side of the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles in a tranquil location. Lovely beaches and world class archaeology are nearby, and the location is excellent to use as a base for exploring Lewis and Harris.

Isle of Uist - Langass Lodge

Langass-LodgeRenowned for its friendly warm style and fantastic team in its Restaurant. The Chef’s at Langass are constantly upping their game competing with the finest eateries in the highlands and benefitting from an unparalleled array of fresh seafood, local Organic meat and Game.

The Lodge sits in its own vast grounds with paths leading to the Sea Loch, a Stone circle and the Forest and moorland beyond. Cosy interiors greet the guests featuring beautiful Highland Anta textiles combined with crisp white bed linen and wooden floors. Niall and Amanda and John and Ann have been at Langass for more years than it is polite to mention, but still relish welcoming guests old and new and introducing them to the Island they love.


Hebridean-Trail-Group-2014On Location

I wish to thank every one of you who have participated on previous photography workshops in the Hebrides of Scotland. Your company was superb and so have the testimonials you have sent to me.

I am really glad you all enjoyed the Hebridean food and our hosts' hospitality.

I hope to see again soon (some of you have already book future workshops). As always, I will do my best to share my knowledge but most of all, inspire you.

Dimitri Vasileiou

Emille-Currie,-Hebridean-Trail-2014Emille Currie, Canada

Dramatic and mercurial weather changes in the Hebrides challenged participants but also provided outstanding opportunities for amazing panoramic and intimate landscape photography.

Assisted by the expert and patient encouragement of both Dimitri and Mike Bell, I received invaluable feedback, fell in love with Scotland, discovered haggis, black pudding and of course, good scotch and learned that it is possible for a Canadian to feel cold in Scotland! Looking forward to the next workshop!

Thank you

Sunset, Island of Benbecula, Outer Hebrides, ScotlandAndrew Wilson, Scotland

Accommodation was superb - food great - and very comfortable. Only complaint - too many beaches - not enough mountains/lochs/rivers. There were also a couple of days when we could have stayed in and watched your - and our presentations - which I would have enjoyed I'm sure. My images were all processed within 24 hours of returning!

What really helped me most was your knowledge of the locations - and getting us in the right place at the right time. Weather was not all bad and meant we got some quite dramatic pics. I did learn a couple of new things as well - even after 40 years of working as a photographer. I really do hope to join you on a trip again. One trip is not enough! My thanks to you and Mike Bell for a great time. Confession - I haven't used my filter since the trip! My bad! Best wishes!

Culla-Bay-at-sunset-by-Paul-GrimwoodPaul Grimwood, England

The Outer Hebrides trip had come highly recommended – and I was not disappointed. I was a bit nervous about the size of the group – 12 people. Would we get in the way of each other, would we get enough one-two-one tuition, would we all get on with each other?

I need not have worried as the whole trip was very well organised and as well as the fantastic Dimitri, we had the wonderful company of Mike Bell also. They worked so well together and made the whole trip such fun. They were both very good at gauging when to come up and help you out and when to leave you alone. We stayed at 2 different places and both were really good – really friendly and funny staff on Lewis and fabulous food on Uist at the Langass Lodge Hotel. So, if you are wondering about whether to go, let me recommend it to you.

Storm-at-sea-isle-of-uist-by-Vince-PycroftVince Pycroft, England

During The Hebridean Trail photography workshop in March 2014 we stayed at two hotels; the Doune Braes Hotel at Carloway on the Isle of Lewis and the Langass Lodge at Locheport on North Uist. The accommodation and meals were excellent at both hotels.

We were out every day to great shooting locations which Dimitri and Mike had surveyed previously. Both leaders were always on hand to offer advice when needed. I came back with many images I was pleased with - some good enought to enter into competitions.

Elizabeth-Restall,-Hebridean-Trail-2014Elizabeth Restall, England

Even when conditions at times were not ideal for landscape photography, with strong wind and rain or both, Dimitri's and Mike's enthusiasm, spirit and patience did not flag: there was always an alternative place to be.

Beautiful beaches, lovely hotels, friendly owners and staff, and the company of like-minded photographers, ensured that this was another Inspiring Photography workshop to treasure.

Chris-Ward,-Hebridean-Trail-2014Chris Ward, England

After a 10 days in the Outer Hebrides with some typical Hebridean weather we finally got a gorgeous sunset.

No pebbles and not a mountain in sight but a 6 second exposure, one of many, taken with the setting sun and colours changing before your eyes. the last beams bouncing off the wet gleaming rocks.

A fitting end to a glorious adventure in the company of a great bunch of similarly eager photographers, guided by Dimitri & Mike to some of the best locations this enchanting chain of islands has to offer.

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