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Beginner’s Guide To Landscape Photography

The eBook

In cooperation with Mike Bell, we have created a superb guide to landscape photography for beginners and enthusiasts. All hyperlinks in the eBook are in blue colour, click on them and you will be transferred to an external website.

Subjects we cover in this eBook are: Rule of Thirds • Exposure • Aperture Choice • Shutter Speed Choice • Filters • ISO • Tripod Choice • RAW vs JPG • White Balance • Histogram • Sensor Sizes • Advice on Choosing Lenses • Understanding Lens Diffraction • Location Shooting and Preparations • How to properly use Live View.

Beginner's Guide To Landscape Photography

58 pages • File size 17.6 MB

This is a large file, please allow enough time for download after transaction.

The eBook comes in the form of a pdf file and can be read on PC, Mac, iPad, Android and most small devices. All images in this eBook are of high definition and can be printed for personal use only.

Price £14.95

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Download Details

Downloading and saving on PC, iPad, Tablets

All our eBooks and eGalleries are created by using Adobe software. For best reading results we strongly recommend you fully download the pdf file and open it in the latest version of the free 'Adobe Reader'. Any other reader including web browsers might not be fully compatible and might not display the full content correctly. Avoid reading them on the browser.

How can I save and read the eBook/eGallery on my iPad?

We recommend you install the free Adobe Reader app to start with – make sure you always use the latest version. Now, use the iPad's Safari browser (avoid using Chrome or any other browser) to visit the website and access the download page or from within your email (if it is a free download). Click the download button and start downloading (allow sufficient time for the download). As soon as download is finished, the pdf file will open for viewing. Gently tap on the cover, a bar should appear briefly at the top of the screen that reads "Open in Adobe", click on it. It will take a few seconds and then the pdf file will be placed in your Adobe's stack. You may also try the iBooks app or any other app you wish. However, we do not really recommend them as they might not be fully compatible. All above is also recommended for other tablets and mobile devices but allow for any variations.

Please Note: Some buyers have reported problems with missing or messed up text when the pdf is viewed in iBooks. We test every pdf on iPad and the newest iPad retina and we do not publish before we are certain that the pdf displays perfectly well. However, latest upgrades on various devices can cause font compatibility issues that can affect the way a pdf file is displayed, hence we recommend Adobe Reader.

All material in our ebooks / eGalleries is copyright protected and may not be reproduced or used in any form of media including ebooks, books, magazines, websites and so on without permission from the photographer and owner Dimitri Vasileiou.

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