Articles Visualising A Landscape Scene, Grasmere, Lake District

Visualising A Landscape Scene

In showcasing your personal perception and inspiration in landscape photography, visualising a landscape scene plays a big part, which also includes processing.


Loch & Glen Etive

Loch Etive used to be a very popular destination in Scotland with landscape photographers, especially due to its ruined wooden jetty. However, since its demolition things have changed.

Articles Lake Braies, Dolomites, Italy

Chapel at Lake Braies, Dolomites, Italy

When I was photographing Lake Braies, I was thinking that there is a trend for people to leave negative comments on a picture published in social media. How can photographer artists express themselves?


Away From The Sun

you don’t need to point towards the sun to create a lovely sunset or sunrise picture’. Avoid the high-contrast situations by facing away from the sun.

Articles Long-Exposure-Madness-Griminish-bay,-Isle-of-Uist,-Hebrides,-Scotland-1339

Long Exposure Madness

I remember a few years ago that the favourite film for landscape photography was the Fujifilm Velvia 50. Many landscape photographers love the rich and vivid colours and the …


Timeless Towers of Faith

We all know how lovely it is to wake up in your own bed after a good night’s sleep. You feel fresh, rested and safe, in familiar surroundings …


The Road To Meteora

On an epic photo journey from Papigo to Meteora in Greece, I found myself in the midst of spectacular autumn colours and extraordinary old arch bridges.

Articles Kalogeriko-old-triple-arched-bridge,-Zagoria,-Greece-4844

Zagoria, Highlands of Greece

Aoos, Papigo, Aristi, Vikos, Zagoria. These might sound all Greek to some but they are names that mean nothing but beauty, nature and inspiration.


Journey To Greece

On his latest trip to Greece, Dimitri Vasileiou expected high potential for some really inspiring photography. Did his expectations materialise?

Articles The-Early-Bird-Buttermere,-Lake-District,-England

The Early Bird

I seem to have been going through a love affair with early morning light for the last few years. In general, I didn’t used to be an up-early person. My hectic working life always…

Articles The-Challenge

The Challenge

Full throttle, vibration at its maximum capacity, the headphones around my head and Didimotyho Blues playing with loudness switched on, two rubber wheels off the …

Articles Same Location, Different Mood

Same Location, Different Mood

How many times do you photograph a location? Do you try to capture it under the best light conditions or are you happy with the light of your first visit?

Articles Dedication To Duty

Dedication to Duty

Amazing events and colour displays can happen just after a heavy storm, and such displays enable the creation of inspiring and unique landscape images.

Articles Long Term Planning

Long Term Planning

Depending on the subject you photograph, it is inevitable that you need to plan your outing, but on many occasions not everything goes exactly to plan.

Articles Loch Druim Suardalain

Under A Dull Sky

I had heard of a beautiful location in the area around Loch Druim Suardalain in Assynt, Scotland, but had not visited it beforehand …

Articles Compromising Comfort

Compromising Comfort

Observing my workshop participants adjusting their tripods, I find they often settle for the most uncomfortable position. I have no idea why this is happening, whether it is …


High Expectations

We should never have high expectations when it comes to weather, but accept gladly what nature offers on each occasion.

Articles Blending Exposures

Blending Exposures

The Quiraing, part of the Trotternish peninsula on the north east of the Isle of Skye in Scotland, is a spectacular location; an ideal paradise for…


Romancing Velvia

Having started photography in the film era and to be more specific, the era of the beautiful Velvia film, I have used a number of different camera formats from 35mm …

Articles The Square Format

The Square Format

This place has become my nemesis. I have been there multiple times so far – so many times that I don’t even seem to remember any more – and yet, I have not experienced…

Articles Wester Ross Hills

Wester Ross Hills, Scotland

Nature might throw at you any kind of situation and any type of light conditions at any given time. The point is, will you be ready to capture the moment?

Articles Contrast. Greek Orthodox chapel on Santorini island, Greece

The Contrast of Light

Light is the ultimate ingredient when it comes to photography and it is the only factor that should exist in every photographer’s …

Articles Patience and Persistence. Moraine-Lake-Wood-details-1764

Patience and Persistence

When it comes to landscape photography, a series of key elements need to be taken into account. All these elements have to be …


Off The Beaten Track

I am an advocate of making images of iconic locations, when others refuse to do so as ”they have been done” by others. To be honest …


Porth Nanven, Cornwall, England

Iconic locations have been ‘done to death’, as many would say. Do you photograph them? Is it time to rethink about our ‘iconic location’ attitude perhaps?

Articles Free Article • Fairy Glen Monster. fairy-glen-isle-of-skye-scotland

Fairy Glen Monster

As soon as the words fairy and Isle of Skye in Scotland are mentioned, everyones thoughts go straight to the fairy pools and their stunning …

Articles Pay Attention. Falling stars of Watergate beach by photographer dimitri vasiliou

Pay Attention

I can’t remember how many times I have seen the same thing over and over again. I head down to the beach for a photo shoot and upon …

Articles Loch Droma

Planet Droma Experience

Three years ago I visited Inverpolly and Assynt; areas of Scotland that contain some of the most stunning scenery in the world for photography…


Light Exposures

Just because the camera says your exposure is spot on and the histogram shows the proof of the pudding, does this also mean that you …

Articles Admiral Von Tromp

Admiral Von Tromp

For those who don’t know the place and the story, this is the shipwreck of Admiral Von Tromp. The Admiral Von Tromp was a…


Colours of Venice

What do you do when you have high expectations of a location, only to find out that the place you expected to be perfect is actually…

Articles The-Statue-Milos-Island-Greece

Photopills App Review

Most landscape photographers use The Photographer’s Ephemeris app. Now, there is a new app that can do much more but, is Photopills worth it?

Tips Photo Gear Symbols Explained

Photo Gear Symbols Explained

Here at Inspiring Photography we fully explain what all these photography gear symbols really mean. What does canon EF-S mean? What does nikon VR mean?


Isle of Iona, Scotland

When you visit a place and the light is, as some say, ‘boring’ or not ‘interesting’, it is good practice to switch to Creative Mode. I mean, start …

Articles Creativity. Camas Na H-Airde, Aird Uig, Isle Of Lewis

Use Your Creativity

Don’t walk away from a scene because the weather is not favourable, think of alternatives, improvise and use your creativity.

Articles Missing Light. Glen Sigachan And Black Cuillin Hills, Isle Of Skye, Scotland

The Missing Light

What happens when the expected early morning light doesn’t arrive? You adapt with the conditions and make the best of it…