Avoiding Frustration • Callanish Standing Stones, Isle of Lewis, Hebrides, Scotland

Avoiding Frustration

Frustration leads to panic and panic can lead to failure. Relax, slow down, enjoy the location and allow plenty of time, then landscape photography can be pure joy.

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Loch & Glen Etive

Loch Etive used to be a very popular destination in Scotland with landscape photographers, especially due to its ruined wooden jetty. However, since its demolition things have changed.

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Dimitri Vasileiou, Isle of Uist, Scotland, Outer Hebrides, Griminish Bay

Griminish Bay Tranquility

One of the favourite landscape photography places in Scotland for Dimitri Vasileiou is Griminish bay on the Isle of Uist, where one can find peace and tranquility.

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Cove Bay, Moray Coast, Scotland

Away From The Sun

you don’t need to point towards the sun to create a lovely sunset or sunrise picture’. Avoid the high-contrast situations by facing away from the sun.

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Long Exposure Madness

I remember a few years ago that the favourite film for landscape photography was the Fujifilm Velvia 50. Many landscape photographers love the rich and vivid colours and the …

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Timeless Towers of Faith

We all know how lovely it is to wake up in your own bed after a good night’s sleep. You feel fresh, rested and safe, in familiar surroundings …

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Journey To Greece

On his latest trip to Greece, Dimitri Vasileiou expected high potential for some really inspiring photography. Did his expectations materialise?

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The Early Bird

I seem to have been going through a love affair with early morning light for the last few years. In general, I didn’t used to be an up-early person. My hectic working life always…

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The Challenge

Full throttle, vibration at its maximum capacity, the headphones around my head and Didimotyho Blues playing with loudness switched on, two rubber wheels off the …

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