Epson V750 Scanner

Finally, and after a long search, I managed to get my hands on a Epson V750 scanner for my transparencies.

I was in the market for a scanner but had no idea which one to go for. I did consider the Imacon (now under Hasselblad) but it was way too expensive for me, although it is the best alternative after the pro drum scanners.

After reading reviews upon reviews, I made the decision on buying the Epson. I will not describe this as a review of the Epson as it is not meant to be one, more like my personal experience so far. I am not the right person to compare it with other scanners but here is what I thought of it.

When a (velvia) transparency is properly exposed and there is beautiful colour recorded, the Epson is a diamond. The picture here is the very first one I scanned and the colour accuracy is spot on, the same picture taken with digital, didn’t have the same rich colour, as seen on the transparency and the scan itself.

I can’t tell anything about sharpness and clarity, I have to work on them and make sure I can get the best out of that scanner. There is a good variety of features in the software that comes with it about saturation, contrast and so on but I would rather get the basics out of the transparency and do the rest of the work in Lightroom, where I have more control, as I am working on the actual image and not the preview. Still, a lot to learn about the scanner.

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