Glen Sligachan Moonlight, Isle of Skye, Scotland

There had been a slight sprinkle of snow on high ground on the night before. The day was really cold but dry, the photographic opportunities endless. Indeed, myself and the participants to my Isle of Skye photography workshop in Scotland spent the day out in the field, photographing and having fun.

The day went by very quickly, it was already time to enjoy a superb 3 course meal and, as people do, talk about photography.

It was already dark when we were heading to the accommodation from the restaurant. There were no streetlights on the road to the hotel and yet, we could see everything very clear – full moon was bathing Glen Sligachan with cool evening light.

I mentioned night time photography and asked the group if they were up for it. Needless to say it took them less than a second to answer. Before I knew it we were in the Glen Sligachan moors armed with tripods and cameras.

Myself and some of the group liked the isolation of this house with the mountains as a backdrop. After checking all settings on camera, shutters started firing endlessly frame after frame. After the first guessed and failed exposure, it was time to head for over 10 minutes exposure, 756 seconds in total.

Long exposures under freezing conditions? We must be nuts.

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