Grasmere View, Lake District, England

Having been born and raised in Greece, I am naturally used to clear blue skies during July, every July at any given year. Being a UK resident for the last 17 years, I miss those ‘blue sky’ days of the past. Still, I don’t really complain, I accept what nature throws at me and do my best to take full advantage. The only thing that worries me though, is the thought of visiting a location (some of them require long drives) and not being able to take a single picture due to wet British weather.

Early July I was in the Lake District for a one-to-one photo workshop. The participant had been with me on my previous group workshop in the same area. This time she wanted to spend 3 days with me to learn as much as possible and advance her photographic skills. One location we visited was Buttermere. Back then we got wet with rain – this time it happened again, it felt like deja vu. We gave up 15 minutes later.

The following day the weather was gorgeous and allowed us to be outdoors all day, progress at last. At the end of the day we visited Grasmere (lake), the last location of the day. Even in the duration of a few hours the weather started turning, again. I was very suspicious that it will rain on us yet again when I saw those distant clouds. We were lucky, we only had a few drops of rain for a couple of minutes and then we managed to capture a picture of this location with the stunning views of Grasmere. At last, those distant clouds could be utilised to be part of the framing, offering their splendid mood to a picture that some could call a dull summer capture.

Embrace the weather, any kind of weather, as long as it doesn’t rain on you.

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Dimitri Vasileiou

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