How to upgrade Adobe camera RAW plugin

Whenever there is a new raw plug-in for photoshop and you need to upgrade, just follow these simple steps.

Manual installation for Windows.

1. Exit Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Bridge.

2. Go to Computer.

3. Double-click Windows (Local Disk C)

4. Navigate to Program FilesCommon FilesAdobePlug-InsCS3File Formats.

5. Move the existing Camera Raw.8bi plug-in to another location (on your desktop for example). Ensure you keep this version in case you need to revert back to.

6. Copy the new Camera Raw plug-in, Camera Raw.8bi, and paste it into the same folder as Step 4.

7. Launch Photoshop CS3 or Adobe Bridge.

8. If everything works fine, delete the old plug-in, you are done.

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