iPro Lens System by Schneider Optics

Product: Trio Kits

Capturing photographs on cell phones has grown increasingly popular with new technology. Schneider Optics has now released a new product that is sure to take your phoneography to new focal lengths.

Schneider Optics, a name in high quality lenses, brings us the iPro Lens System. Designed for you to take professional grade photos with your smartphone, the iPro Trio Kit has everything you need to immediately start photographing with your iPhone or Galaxy. Complete with a phone case, macro lens, super wide lens, 2 x tele lens, and 3 section handle, you'll be taking your phoneography to new heights. The package starts at $229 for the Galaxy and iPhone5 or 5s. iPro Lens also offers an option to purchase one lens at a time with prices varying from $39 for the macro, to $99 for the 2 x Tele Lens.

For more information, visit their website at www.iprolens.com

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