Svein Gulbransen, Santorini 2011 Photo Workshop

A short recap of my experiences from the Santorini tour with Inspiring Photography.

I left home with a kind of curiosity. What will this week be like? What can this Greek from Scotland learn me? I already know it all, don´t I? It could not be a big issue after all. If I do not fit in, I can have a great week on my own.

At last, after travelling all the way from the west coast of Norway, via Oslo, Berlin and Nuremberg, I arrived at Thira Airport. Of course, my baggage got lost. Great, be here without anything except my camera gear. It could be a far better start. The day after, Dimitri and the rest of the group arrived and after a short presentation we headed out for lunch. Hmmm… nice people. Some seemed to know each other from before. Some strangers like me.

The agenda for the week was simple. Wake up 4:45 in the morning, out shooting sunrise, breakfast, more shooting, lunch and siesta, then out shooting to after sunset, time for supper and bedtime at 23:00 in the evening.

Maybe it sounds boring, but no, absolutely not. We had really a great time. We had fun, a joke and laughter was never far away . Dimitri smiling and in good mood from early morning (after the first cup of coffee, even more) and to late evening. He is just fantastic. He saw everyone, explaining, helping, motivating, give from himself tips and tricks and how to do etc etc. He is simply born to do this.

I have to be honest, I did not actually learn much about technical things. But that was not either my aim to be there. I was searching motivation and inspiration. I got what I searched for in addition eight new friends. Actually, some more if I count Poppy and family at the hotel.

The week passed by so fast, and now when I am looking back, I miss it. It should be compulsory for every photographer, amateur or pro, to join Dimitri at least at one of his courses. I have to warn you Dimitri, you will see me again some time, maybe next year. Either in Greece or in Scotland.

Until then, have a nice time and thank you very much for a wonderful week!

Svein Gulbransen, Norway

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