One-2-One-Bespoke-Photography-WorkshopOur One-2-One landscape photography workshops offer the best possible way to improve your skills, develop your vision and create inspiring images.

We tailor the tuition to your exact needs allowing you to get the absolute maximum benefit from the workshop.

One-2-One sessions really are the best way to learn and improve your skills, develop your vision and kick-start your creativity.


Equipment requirements


  • Camera and lenses: please make sure you know how to use your camera or at least the basic functions – make sure you bring the camera's manual along with you. Focal length of wide angle to 300mm will be adequate.
  • Tripod: a sturdy tripod is strongly recommended. If you need advice on purchasing a tripod, we recommend the Manfrotto 055 or similar. If you own a low budget light aluminium tripod such as Jessops and you are wondering if it is good enough, no, it is not. It will not allow you to trust your gear on it and it will not allow us to help you with tuition.
  • ND Grad filters: Neutral Density Graduated filters are highly recommended for balancing exposure difference between land and sky. We recommend a 2 stop hard and a 3 stop soft (enough to get you started). Full instruction can be given during the workshop to help you with the correct use of filters.
  • ND filter (optional): to get the very best out of your images and the locations, we suggest that you bring a good Neutral Density filter with you such as the Lee Little Stopper or Big Stopper or the Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter for long exposures.
  • Shutter release cable: for longer than 30 seconds exposures
  • Warm and weatherproof clothing and neoprene wellies is a must as the weather can be very unpredictable in the UK. ☀ ☁ ❄

Please note: if you do not own any filters yet, there will be a full set available during the workshop.

Experience Level

This workshop is flexible and allows for all levels of experience. Whether you are an absolute beginner who wants to learn technical aspects and how to get the very best results from your gear; an enthusiast who wants to step up to the next level or an advanced photographer wanting to kick-start your vision and creativity - we can help. We guarantee you will leave this workshop with new skills, a greater understanding and confidence, as well as many stunning images.

Location • Transportation • Duration

All transportation during the workshop is included in the price. However, transfers to and from venue are excluded from the price. By default the workshop is based around Ayrshire in Scotland. If you wish to have the workshop around your area, we need to add our travel expenses to the final price; please contact us for further arrangements on availability, location, duration and pricing.

Pricing £ $ €

The cost for this workshop is £300 for one day and £250 for each day after. You can convert our prices to your local currency by using our currency converter on the sidebar.


Although all 'Inspiring Photography Workshops' clients are covered by our public liability insurance, we recommend that you take your own travel insurance also.

*Exchange rates are approximate and may vary at the time of payment.

The Tutor

Dimitri-VasileiouDimitri Vasileiou is a highly acclaimed landscape photographer, writer and photographic workshop leader. A professional photographer for several years, he was born in Greece and currently resides in Scotland.

Some of his work has been reproduced in the Daily Record newspaper and he has also had work published in a number of photography magazines and books.

In 2011 Dimitri founded Landscape Photography Magazine. He is the editor and currently writing articles every month for the publication.


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