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I am a landscape photographer at heart, always have been and always will be. I adore nature and I feel privileged – although humble and sometimes insignificant – to capture fleeting moments of light that pass by our natural environment.

However, sometimes I wish to show people our natural world from a different perspective, a different state of mind. I wish to photograph and showcase the less important things, the day-to-day little items and happenings that most of us would, and most certainly do, miss out as we pass by.

This is my way of seeing certain things through the lens of my camera. I sincerely hope you enjoy them.

Hellenic Impressions
Although I was born and raised in Greece, I had no idea of the vivid and colourful environment of its islands. It was when I got more involved with photography that I started discovering the wealth of compositional opportunities and exercises one can come across. A visit to the Greek Islands can potentially help photographers from across all genres.

Italian Impressions
I could say that there are many similarities between Greece and Italy – photographically speaking, and I could be partially correct when it comes to design and architecture. However, while the former offers vivid adventures, the latter concentrates on a more classic and rustic experience. Equally, though, Greece and Italy have strongly influenced me.

Life Impressions
Human behaviour was one subject that I always wanted to study but never managed to do so. Humans – and some animals – can send powerful messages and it can all be done in very subtle hints and suggestions. It is those suggestions that constantly surprise me, excite me and inspire me. Here’s to all living things, the most photogenic subject, ever.