Chapel At Skaros, Santorini, Greece

Last call for the day was Imerovigli village on the majestic island of Santorini. While everyone stays near the village to admire the breathtaking sunset over the volcanic caldera, only a few brave the steep ascents and descents that take you behind Skaros, the rocky outcrop that partially blocks the infinite views from the island's cliffs.

After the long walk and the well deserved rest, you will find yourself isolated and able to watch a superb sunset almost on your own. Well, you might be accompanied by the odd photographer.

Make sure you are there 30 minutes before sunset. This will allow you to catch the long shadow of the bell tower on the white roof of the chapel. Then, make your way to the right and slightly on higher ground, which will help to compose the chapel nicely with the distant islands as the backdrop and the blue dome against the blue sea.

You need to consider, however, that if you go there for sunset, you will need some kind of light to find your way back. The path can be dangerous at parts.

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