Luskentyre, Isle Of Harris, Hebrides, Scotland

What attracted me to capture this beautiful Luskentyre Beach scene was the enchanting contrast between the cool tones of the water and the warm tones of the sky and land reflections in the distance.

The Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland is famed for its white sand beaches. A good part of its coastline is rocky. However, its sandy beaches are among the very best beaches in the UK. And, of course, the best of them all and the most spectacular, is Luskentyre Beach.

During low tide on Luskentyre beach the sands emerge to reveal their tropical white colour and the seawater turns to a plethora of turquoise shades, similar to the ones that can be found around the Caribbean islands. It is of no surprise that Luskentyre attracts many landscape photographers from around the world. And yet, most of the time you can find complete isolation due to Luscentyre's vast expanse.

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