Photographer’s Guide To Isle Of Skye

Save yourself hours of research and headache

This eBook will help you find photographic locations on the Isle of Skye in Scotland with high precision. I share with you all the knowledge about the area, accompanied by countless of research hours, online and on location alike.

This is what you get in this eBook:

  • Advice about the best time of year and best time of day
  • Things to do and things to avoid
  • General tips and suggestions
  • Sat Nav co ordinates to all destinations
  • The best and most well known locations as well as some hidden gems
  • High quality pdf for your Laptop, iPad, iPhone and most small devices
  • High resolution images that can be printed (personal use only)

The ebook comes in the form of a pdf file and can be read on PC, Mac, iPad, Android and most small devices. All images in this ebook are of high definition and can be printed for personal use only.

Author: Dimitri Vasileiou • 40 pages • File size 23 mb • Price £19.95

All material in this eBook is copyright protected and may not be reproduced or used in any form of media including ebooks, books, magazines, websites and so on without permission from the photographer and owner Dimitri Vasileiou.

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