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Inspirations of a Landscape Photographer

The eBook

Inspirations of a Landscape Photographer

Author: Dimitri Vasileiou

The long awaited Book by Dimitri Vasileiou, with foreword by Pulitzer Prize winner and internationally acclaimed photographer Jack Dykinga is out now in pdf eBook format and available for immediate download.

Many years in the making, this compilation of stunning imagery beautifully showcases the work of this acclaimed photographer.

Drawing his own influences from various photographers of the past and present, Dimitri has developed his unique style, effortlessly conveying nature’s grandeur through his clean and uncomplicated, yet breath-taking, compositions.

Through his art, Dimitri has the enviable ability to visualise and create the most stunning images from sometimes quite simple or mundane subjects that others may, and do, pass by - inspiring us to 'stop looking and start seeing'.

The eBook contains 172 pages loaded with inspiring images, essays, stories and advice by the author, as well as complete information on locations and image exif data.

172 pages • File size 75.5 MB

This is a large file, please allow enough time for download after transaction.

The eBook comes in the form of a pdf file and can be read on PC, Mac, iPad, Android and most small devices. All images in this eBook are of high definition and can be printed for personal use only.

Price £19.95


Foreword By Jack Dykinga

Dimitri Vasileiou’s book “Inspirations” is just that: inspiring. By combining a keen sense of nuanced color and a mastery of “clean” design, he presents beautiful images that reflect his very personal style and vision. Other photographers will find much to learn in this book!

Jack Dykinga

Pulitzer Prize Winner & Landscape Photographer

What the pros are saying

Ian Plant

Pro landscape photographer, author and photo workshop instructor.

In this age of over-the-top digital darkroom concoctions, it is refreshing to see a photographer explore the subtler side of things, and to let his subjects speak for themselves. Dimitri Vasileiou approaches the landscape with a nuanced eye, and rather than try to jam every scene into some cookie-cutter composition, he instead encourages the world to bend ever so slightly to his artistic will. This book is a fascinating journey inside his head.

David Hay

Workshop instructor and author of many articles on landscape photography.

"A superb collection of photographs by a photographer at the top of his game. The inspirational images are accompanied by detailed descriptions of how and when they were taken. I have personally been inspired by Dimitri's photographic style and now carefully consider lines leading to and from the corners of the frame when composing a picture. Check out how many of the photographs in this book use this technique".

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  1. Avatar

    Superb book, excellent read. For someone like myself who has lost their way and confidence with photography, its look to provide some great inspiration and help.

  2. Avatar
    Elizabeth Restall on

    Every aspiring landscape photographer should read Dimitri’s book, “Inspirations of a Landscape Photographer”, not just for the gorgeous photographs but for the many helpful tips and advice. His anecdotes reflect his infinite patience and an ability to read weather patterns, both of which are invaluable traits to aim for in order to become a successful landscape photographer.

  3. Avatar
    Roberto Montenegro on

    Excellent work old chap. The book is first class and the pictures of really high standard. I enjoyed reading it from front to back.
    Well done

  4. Avatar
    Malcolm Macartney on

    Being a beginner myself, I had high expectations when a purchased this book and, oh boy, my expectations were met 10 times over. Excellent job and well done to you Dimitri.
    When is your next book coming out?


  5. Avatar

    There are some great insights in this book, not just the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’ each image was taken. Dimitri has many superb photographs in his portfolio and for this, his first major book, he has chosen a delightful variety. You will find everything from the grand scene to the sublimely simple detail.

  6. Avatar

    Jack Dykinga is right, the book is inspirational and photographers will find much to learn in this book. A really good read.


  7. Avatar

    Absolutely superb. One of the best photo books I have ever read (and I have read plenty, spent a fortune). Highly inspiring and highly recommended.

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