Andrew Wilson, Hebridean Trail 2014

Very much enjoyed the trip - came away with enough great pics to publish a book (which has started to sell!) and supply four pictures libraries with around 200 pictures each. You can also see a large selection of my work from the trip here - my images are also with Scottish Viewpoint - Stockpix and Photoshot. Pictures are also on my own website, please have a look and offer feedback.

Accommodation was superb - food great - and very comfortable. Only complaint - too many beaches - not enough mountains/lochs/rivers. There were also a couple of days when we could have stayed in and watched your - and our presentations - which I would have enjoyed I'm sure. My images were all processed within 24 hours of returning!

What really helped me most was your knowledge of the locations - and getting us in the right place at the right time. Weather was not all bad and meant we got some quite dramatic pics. I did learn a couple of new things as well - even after 40 years of working as a photographer. I really do hope to join you on a trip again. One trip is not enough! My thanks to you and Mike Bell for a great time. Confession - I haven't used my filter since the trip! My bad! Best wishes!

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