Andy Phillips, Assynt 2012 Photographic Workshop

I have just returned from a Landscape photography course in Assynt in the far North West of Scotland with a company called "Inspiring Photography". I thought I knew a thing or two about this genre but apparently less than I thought!  I took a short stop off in Glencoe to view more Scottish drizzle then drove up another 3 hours to Ullapool where the course was based.

The leader and owner is a Greek fellow who has chosen to live in Scotland and is a professional landscape photographer under the name of Dimitri Vasilleiou. I cannot recommend this photographer and his courses highly enough. They were extremely good value as you shoot dawn till dusk and taken everywhere by mini bus to the right places at the right time and it doesn't stop there, as group analysis takes place over beer and great food.  (Mick Park was the group leader in this bit ).  Joking aside this is the sort of place a woman can come alone in perfect safety.

I was taught many techniques and skills over 6 days but the most valuable was how to use available light even if its poor. On my days off that's usually what I get.

However, I thought I would just pass on my recommendations and also draw your attention to his company's On-Line Magazine, there is something there for everyone. The link to the magazine is

Kind Regards

Andy Phillips

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