Elizabeth Restall, Santorini 2010 Photographic Tour

On this, my second visit to Santorini with Inspiring Photography, I was impressed again by Dimitri’s helpfulness and cheerfulness at all times.

The tour was well organised with an enjoyable schedule that ensured photography at the best times of day but also allowed for flexibility when it suited.  The inclusive Greek lunches were an additional and very welcome highlight each day.

Dimitri was always on hand to provide photographic help and advice.  The advantages and techniques of using “Live View “ were demonstrated thoroughly and this was really useful.  The downside to “Live View” is that the battery runs out rather quickly and a spare one is essential.

Dimitri is an inspirational photographer who has the enviable ability to see and to make images from quite mundane subjects that others would, and do, pass by.

Thank you, Dimitri, for encouraging my photography and inspiring me to look for graphic shapes and patterns through the viewfinder as you do.

Elizabeth Restall

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