Felicity Martin, Santorini 2010 Photographic Tour

I joined this photo tour with Dimitri on the recommendation of friends and it lived up to my expectations. It was a great holiday as well as a valuable learning experience.

Instead of taking too many “okay” photos, Dimitri encouraged me to slow down and concentrate on capturing a handful of images that I would be very pleased with. Before the tour, I’d never used LiveView; now I wouldn’t be without it and feel ill-equipped without a tripod.

My “non photography” partner joined me and also enjoyed the week. Andrew came out on most of our trips and either took photos with his compact or wandered off sightseeing (or to a bar!). He too feels that he is a better photographer for having been on the tour.

The Greek food was the highlight of the trip – we loved our relaxed, sociable lunches and the fresh, flavourful food (tomatoes will never taste the same again).

Towards the end of the week, I felt our group began to ‘run out of steam’. We might have benefited from a change of routine – perhaps a day in one place rather than driving to several venues, or being given specific ‘assignments’ and afterwards sharing our results.

I was impressed by how patient and tactful Dimitri was as a leader. He did an excellent job of balancing our different demands and worked very hard to give us a good time.

Thank you, Felicity


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