Kate Cummings, Santorini 2012 Photo Workshop

Apart from a learning workshop, this trip to Santorini proved to be a wonderfully social experience. We were a group of six women and the social interaction was great.

Instead of "Tea with Mussolini", ours was" Dinner With Dimitri". We had lunch and dinner out in different restaurants every day, which was a great holiday experience. Dimitri ordered the food and we enjoyed it all so much.

What you gained from the workshop element of the trip depended on your knowledge level but Dimitri mostly demonstrated to us how to find an image looking for curves and textures. Since composition is paramount to having a great picture, this should stand us in good stead for life.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I'd love to do  all of the trips advertised in Inspiring Photography website.

Dimitri was fun to be with and knows how to handle all kinds of people.

Kate Cummings, Scotland

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