Barnacles at Sunset, Hopeman Bay, Moray Coast, Scotland

This picture was captured during my latest photo workshop on the Moray coast of Scotland and while photographing the sunset at Hopeman bay. Well, when I say photographing the sunset I really mean the 2 minute sunshine through the gap in the clouds.

I was guiding one of the workshop participants, we were exchanging ideas about a potential composition. Once our thoughts were settled on a specific composition, I left her to her own device, allowing her to concentrate on the subject and capture a good image.

I started walking towards one of the other participants when the sun broke through the gap in the clouds, bathing the entire bay with stunning warm light. I looked around and saw all participants trying to catch that glimpse of light while it lasted. I didn't want to interrupt them by trying to see what they were up to – besides, there was not enough time, I would more likely make them miss the picture if I had.

At this point I noticed the light on this little rock. It was a perfect situation for a composition of my style. I only had seconds to set up the tripod and camera so it was a mad rush against the time. Luckily, I managed to get the picture, and so did my participants.

Light is always welcome, even when it lasts only for a few minutes.

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