Emerald Lake, Yoho NP, Alberta, Canada

In Jan 2020 I led a small-group photo tour in the Canadian Rockies. Starting the tour around the Abraham Lake area, to capture the trapped bubbles in the icy surface of the lake, we continued into Jasper National Park for a short visit, and finally to the beautiful town of Canmore; an ideal location for visiting Banff and Yoho National Parks, with their countless photographic opportunities.

Entering Jasper for the first time during winter was an exceptional experience. There was around 50 cm of snow everywhere, covering every little flaw by a pristine white carpet and turning the landscape into a winter wonderland. My photo tour participants were awe inspired, as was I – so much so that many times there was absolute silence and only the sound of shutter could be heard, capturing the breathtaking views in all their glory.

We photographed a number of lakes in the area; many of them well known to landscape photographers, as well as some lesser-known, more deserted locations, where it was just us, nature and some glorious early morning or late evening light.

One location I really enjoyed due to the even blue-hour light we had was Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park. A classic image of the cabin by the river that enters the lake – absolutely stunning spot and extremely inspiring atmosphere.

Everyone went home with big smiles on their faces and many pictures that will, no doubt, bring back incredible memories for many years to come. As for myself, even the sub-zero temperatures, frozen car engine and ice-cold extremities won’t stop me heading back next winter for more exploration of these outstanding landscapes.

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