Pachaina Arches, Milos Island, Greece

Millions of years of volcanic activity but also millions of years of erosion have created some spectacular arches on the coast of Pachaina village on the Greek island of Milos.

You must have read on my previous essays that Milos is one of my favourite islands in Greece, this is no secret. The geology of the place is outstanding, a place which landscape photographers fall in love at first site.

Due to their location, Pachaina Arches are not ideal for sunrise or sunset due to high dynamic range – unless you are prepared to blend exposures. However, early in the morning (before sunrise) you are faced with the most glorious soft light that allows your creativity to flow endlessly.

I used the Lee little stopper in order to achieve a 30 second exposure and eliminate the ripples on the surface of the sea as I found they were distracting from the peacefulness and calm I wanted the picture to convey.

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