Talisker Bay Sunset, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Rough sea, large slippery black pebbles and a not so great sunset – recipe for disaster. At least, the saving grace was that the wind was mild. For all those who have experienced west wind at the bay, well... time to pack it in and walk away.

Nevertheless, once there, persistence kicks in and before you know it, you are immersed in the magic spell of the place – your only company, the odd landscape photographer at the other end of the bay.

If you decide to get there while there is wind blowing from the west, make sure you have lens wipes with you, plenty of them. The wind will keep covering the front element of your lens or your filters with sea spray.

If you wish to get a picture of Talisker Bay like this one, then you need to be there at high tide. However, if you wish to capture the black and silver sand ripple and rock pools like this picture, then you need to be there during very low tide.

One last thing. If you are there at low tide, it is advisable not to leave your backpack on the sand, it is best to keep it on your back. The reason for this is the sudden rogue waves that sweep the entire bay every so often.

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